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Thread: Ettasyn

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    I need help. My husband and I really like the name Edison for a girl but we don't want her to be called Ed or Eddi for short. We also love the name Etta so we are thinking about calling her Ettasyn. What do you think?

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    I would go with Etta, if you don't want her to be called Ed or Eddi. Edison is more of a boy name for me anyway. I think Ettasyn is hard to say, and it would NEVER be spelled correctly. I think Etta is very pretty on its own.
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    I agree with shalexis. Etta is a fine name, but Ettasyn looks made up and a bit silly. I don't like names ending in 'son' for girls because 'son' means 'son of', which implies it's a boy's name. However...maybe you'd like Emerson. Nickname could be Emmy, which is much more feminine than Eddy. Personally, I'd go with Etta.
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    Ellison is also a good alternative, nickname Ellie or Ella.
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    I'd just go with Etta on it's own. Ettasyn just looks horrid imo....
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