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    A question for those with same-sex multiples

    How did you decide "who was who" - who got which name?

    I read an article about a Swedish set of triplets, where the parents had decided before they were born that the heaviest would be Sara, the lightest Astrid and the one in between Elsa, so I just got curious about how others have done.

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    Interesting way to decide! I guess I would have a handful of name combinations picked. I would go by what they look like, personally. You could take name meaning and apply it appropriately. For example if one name means "fair one", pick the blondest baby.

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    Interesting question! I've wondered this myself and would be curious to see everyone's answers!
    I don't like the idea of basing a name on the looks necessarily, since hair color and eye color can easily change in babies. I think if I was in that position I would just try and see which baby 'felt' like which name and do it that way. If that makes sense at all!


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    I'd do it alphabetically. How stoic is that? lol When I read this, that was my first instinct, if I'm going to name them Alice and Bonnie, baby A would be Alice and baby b would be Bonnie. If I was in the position maybe I'd change my mind, but as a childless person, I don't imagine babies having enough personality within the first day or two to base their names on. Yes, baby A is fussy and baby b is quiet but does that dictate their names? Maybe I'm wrong.
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    We chose baby A (first born) and baby B (second's) names before birth - we just assigned them like that. I actually did stress/worry about this both pregnancies because I wondered if we could possibly make a mistake and give the wrong name to the wrong girl! So we decided for simplicity, we would use the first name for the first born. I suppose if things felt VERY wrong after birth, we may have switched them, but I had no major feelings like that.

    The first time, we had the names in abc order (Alice then Fiona), but our second set is actually out of alphabetical order (Lucille then Coraline) because that is how we chose the names and it seemed to work -- flow-wise-- better for us that way as opposed to Coraline and Lucille. We also felt strongly that A was Lucille because it was a name we had chosen basically a year before they were conceived. Strangely, in the first case, Fiona was the name we settled on first and Alice's name took soooo long to decide and wasn't finalized until days before her arrival. So we have no real method to our decisions I guess

    Sorry, that answer was probably not much help.
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