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    This has been puzzling me for a while.....

    When I view a thread, each post is preceded by a colored bar across the page. On the left side of the bar is the date and time of the post. On the right side is a pound sign (#) followed by a numeral. I've always assumed that indicated the number of the post. However, all I ever see are odd numbers. OP will have '#1', the next post '#3', the third post '#5', and so on. Am I totally misinterpreting the meaning of these numbers, am I only seeing half the posts, or what?
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    You're right! Um.. I have no clue.
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    I'm positive we're seeing all the posts but I've always wondered why this site did that!
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    I've been wondering that also! I've always thought they were the order in which the messages were posted, but it can't be because the numbers skip and go in different order sometimes. I am super curious about it too!

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    only thing i has discovered is if you click on the number, it will cause the screen to readjust so that post is at the top of the page....

    also wondering if (when the numbers are out of order) that its because someone began to post ahead of someone...

    my main theory is Nameberry has a lot of kinks lol

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