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    I didn't love the name Clementine until I played The Walking Dead video game, which features an adorable girl named Clementine. After that I saw the name in a whole new light. I think that's the only case where a positive association has made my opinion on a name completely change. Although Martha from Doctor Who made the name feel less old-lady, and hearing the name Tess in the video-game The Last of Us made me realize how much I liked it on its own (as opposed to Tessa or as a nn for Theresa).

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    @leahmarie512: I have to admit, while I don't like boys' names for girls I adore Winifred with the nn Freddie.

    Oh, and I thought of another association I love: astronomy. Rigel, Pollux, Orion, Gaia, Andromeda, Lyra (double points for being a character in one of my favorite books), Perseus, Altair, Castor, Capella, Electra, Vega, Talitha...I could name a Duggar's worth of kids with star names. And I like astronomer names as well: Galileo, Copernicus, Tycho, Giovanni, Heloise and Abelard.
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    I think things where the name is pretty much only known for one character. Like Elmo wouldn't work since I could only ever think of that obnoxious red monster. Yet for some reason I kind of like Mickey despite the mouse.
    I also would have to say people who have the name. I love the name Charles but know one who is doing time for kiddie porn so I would never use it.
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    Positive family associations, historical figures, and awesome fictional characters can make a name for me. Negative family associations, historical figures, and fictional characters I dislike are things that can break a name for me. Imagery plays a large role in whether I like or dislike a name. If I don't get imagery from a name, or if the name has bad imagery, it generally won't go on my list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    I could name a Duggar's worth of kids with star names.
    This made me laugh

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