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    For me it's not so much that I'm "worried" about a name being popular. It's that there are so many wonderful lovely names that are not popular and popular names are so well....represented that I feel like I'm doing a disservice to these lovely underused names by picking one that's popular.

    Anyway...Olivia is the #1
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    Thank you
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    Aria! I'm convinced its the next Sophia, Isabella, etc. It's such a beautiful name but I don't want an Aria C. I love the nn Liv but can't bring myself to use Olivia. I love Emma too!
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    If we continue our trend of family names then I really John with the nickname Jack and my husband and I both love Sarah. I'm thinking we'll probably use Sarah since it's one of the few names we both love. Emma is also a family name but I'm not sure if I love it enough to use it despite it's popularity. Michael and Alexander are also family names but we probably won't use them unless we do a unique nickname like Mickey for Michael.

    I also like Hannah and Olivia but even if we decide to stop doing family names we won't be using those.
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    My maiden name is Owens, and I've always wanted to name a son Owen (a lot of women in my family have given their maiden names to a son), but it's getting so popular! I will probably still consider it, but I wish it wasn't shooting up to the top of the list so fast..

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