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    How would you pronounce Karolyna?

    How would you pronounce Karolyna? Karo-line-a, Karo-lee-na or Karo-lyn-a?

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    at first glance Karo-line-a, but the unnecessary y caused me to wonder what in the world is someone trying to spell and i think someon using thi sspelling wants people to say Karo-lynn-a

    a K + a Y is too much, only one rare letter per name please.

    go with Karolina or Carolyn

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    I'd pronounce it the same as Carolina - i.e. Karo-line-uh. But I'd wonder if the parents were shooting for Karo-leena with the spelling.

    Karo-lynn-uh wouldn't occur to me without a double-n, as in Karolynna.

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    I would say Caroline-Uh, unless she was introduced otherwise
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    I would pronounce it kree8tiv.
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