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    Post Revision to my current list

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    New favorites..

    *Zander -new favorite! (don't like Alexander)

    *Devlin -also another new favorite, something really catches my eye on this one, also love the meaning (fierce, brave)

    *Damian -love this name, but one of my fiancés friends little boy has this name, is it off limits? any suggestions of names similar to Damian?

    Old favorites, but help needed..

    *Oliver -still love this, wondering if the last letter (R) would run into our last name (Wright)??

    *Elijah -like this name, but we are not religious, so not sure I want to use a name associated with religion.

    *Connor -again..the letter (R)..

    *Liam -too popular?
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    The 'r' at the end of names like Oliver and Connor is subtle--I don't think it's a major problem if they're followed by Wright. But a name like Alexandra or Allegra would definitely cause a bit of a stumble. Since you're focused on boy names, you shouldn't have many problems.

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    Zander is an interesting one. It's the type that people might ask if it's short for Alexander a lot though, so you'd have to be prepared for that.

    Devlin isn't my style, but I prefer it to the ubiquitous Declan. What about Devon?

    Damian - what about Darien or Darius?

    I love Liam, though it is getting popular, same with Oliver, just depends on how much it bothers you.

    I love Elijah, but I like Eli more. Does the simpler version also read as too religious to you?
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    How about Evander (Vander)
    Damian - Damon, Damien
    Devlin - Devin, Bevan, Kelvin
    Connor & Oliver sound fine with Wright, don't think you need to worry.
    Liam & Oliver are very popular in my area, both great names but for me I prob wouldn't use because of this.

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    Zander -- Not my swag. I love Alexander so much more. Zander doesn't feel like a grown-up name.
    Devlin -- Feels a little feminine to me. I think it works fine as a boys' name, but in my mind is sounds like a scary devil vixen with a barbed tail. Yeah I know I make no sense.
    Damian -- I like it! A lot. A little more Wall Street than fun and boyish, but I like it.
    Oliver -- I like it, but I wonder if it grows up well. It keeps me from loving it, but I still like it.
    Elijah -- Don't care about the religious ties. It's a beautiful, wonderful, amazing name. Absolute favorite on the list. It just sounds perfect. It's got a warmth and weight to it that I just love. Perfect.
    Connor -- Classic and sweet. A very good name, but I'm not head over heels.

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