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    Futuristic, Weird Names Needed!

    OK, so I have decided to ditch the old idea I had for a different story and came up with a new one. This one is set way into the future. I need completely new names for the characters. The names I was thinking for them should be kind of weird, like Pia, Wren, or Soren. Does anyone have any ideas for some of the names? I need both boy and girl names, as many as you can give me. Please comment! Thank you! <3
    Alec, Alice, Amelia, Audrey, Beatrice, Caleb, Callum, Cecily, Cordelia, Daisy, Dashiell, Ella, Finn, Gabriel, Gideon, James, Jem, Jemima, Kai, Kieran, Lila, Luna, Owen, Phoebe, Stella, Tess, Weston, William

    ♥ Erin, a teenage writer and fangirl, wishing I had a better name ♥

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