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    Round 2 Our Naming Journey begins!

    I appreciate all the berries helping out! I decided I am not going to worry about popularity but to go with what we love and a name I get all giddy saying. Since the other thread was all over and I took away some and added some. I want to get our list down to one combo for each name. We chose Penelope Rosalind for Penelope. If you could pick your favorite for these other two it would be so helpful!

    Hazel Seraphina or Hazel Serafina
    Hazel Juliet
    Hazel Isadora

    Clementine Genevieve
    Clementine Isadora

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Penelope Rosalind
    Hazel Juliet
    Clementine Genevieve

    These could be a lovely set of sisters.
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