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    Old Fashioned Names from Genealogy

    I've been drowning in genealogy lately, and I find it neat to see names that were so common "back then", that we never hear now. Of course, there are a lot that I still think of as very old and then realize that I have heard it recently. Estelle and Estella seem to be getting used here and there. I know a little girl with the middle name of Esta. Millicent is poking out her head also.

    Anyway, here are some "common" names that I saw in my tree. Would any of them pick back up?

    Alma, Alta, Arlet,
    Electa (I always liked this)
    Essie (I know a 30ish one!), Etta (my grandmother!)
    Lafayette, Lemuel (this seems everywhere in my tree, but I can't imagine it now!),
    Lettice/Lettie (well Lottie is showing up, but I can't imagine Lettice -- maybe Letitia will bring Lettie back)
    Minerva, Myrtle
    Nelle/Nellie, Netta/Nettie (this reminds me of the Hatties coming back)

    And here are some uncommon ones!

    Albina, Alcesta, Arrilla, Diadema, Elburn, Fodie (or maybe Foda) Melona, Ozell, Sherburn, Urania

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    I really like Alma! It was my great-grandmother's name and it's high on my list if we ever have another girl. I love the meaning of "soul", too.

    I have a friend that just named her new son Lafayette earlier this year.

    I can't see Lettice coming back - too close to lettuce.
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    My newborn cousin has the nn Essy / Essie (nn for Debussy) .
    i have a 35 yrs old aunt named Urania whose nn is Rania !
    I particularly love Nelly and Electa .

    The names i would definetly use are :

    Nelly .only as a nn for Penelope or Eleanor
    Etta only as a nn

    the others are not my style
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    My two times great grandmother's middle name was Electa

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    I see Matilda a lot in records from the 1700s and 1800s. It started to drop off around the 1850s. Malinda is another one that's surprised me. In general I've noticed that names were a little more "out there" pre-Victorian era.


    Seaborn was actually kind of trendy in the 1850s. I've found at least 7 in my family tree born in that decade.

    You also don't start seeing "filler" middle names until the 40s and 50s. In my experience the common formula was a classic first name with an unusual middle name. Most people in my family went by a quirky nickname for their middle name or a nickname that had something to do with their their appearance or personality.
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