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    Liviana - Pretty...Unlike the posters mistaking it for Lavinia, I mistook it for the lovely Livana. I don't think any of these go that great with Kamille...they're much frillier. Somhow, if you like it, Oliviana might work better. Maybe it's the connection to plants, and I think the O helps the othre letters fall into place.

    Arden - I love this name, but to me Kamille is much more feminine.
    Viviana or Vivianne - I like either with Kamille. I like that with Vivianne especially, you have an atypical but not completely out in left field spelling for both.

    Landry - too uni. If you go with uni Arden is far preferable. Landry always reminds me of Laundry, unfortunately.
    Marlowe - a nice name but if you go uni Arden is the best.
    Lyla - I adore this with Kamille. Both have a double letter, both feminine, both floral-esque, both a less common spelling. Kamille and Lyla, so great.
    Finley - go uni, go Arden : D.
    Everly - go uni, go Arden : D.

    So my picks are Lyla, Viviana/Vivianne, and Arden, in that order.

    I agree with other posters, I wouldn't sweat seeing these on boards.

    Would Ardenne work, btw?

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    Liviana - This looks... weird to me. Not sure why.
    Arden - Cute.
    Viviana or Vivianne - I would go with Vivianne. It is spunkier.
    Landry - Too surnamey for my tastes.
    Marlowe - Not a fan.
    Lyla - Nice. Has a good feel. I think I like the Lila spelling better, but either works as a solind name.
    Finley - Too boy for me.
    Everly - Like a lot.

    Honestly, none of your list screams uber popular to me. The most would be Everly, especially since it has the celeb cred behind it. All are pretty usable, though some not my style. My favorites are Vivianne, Lyla, and Everly.
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    Thank you so much. You guys have been really helpful. I've posted on another name site and it seems everyone on that site likes very traditional names like Jennifer, Elizabeth, etc. and balked at my list. Some of you have give some great suggestions.

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