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    Nicknames (not yet mentioned)
    Elsie!!! It's my absolute favorite nn for Elizabeth
    Belle could work too.
    Elzie would also be cute.

    All the variations I can think of have already been mentioned.

    ~Sweet and Sassy~
    Elizabeth Winona "Elsie" ~ Adelheid Ruby "Addie" ~ Casilda Josephine "Cassie" ~ Veronica Odelia "Nicci"

    ~Strong and Stubborn~
    Gideon Boone "Gid" ~ Matthias Wesley "Matt" ~ Solomon Cadell "Cade" ~ Zaccheaus ________ "Zeke"

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    One more that I haven't seen listed:


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    I don't think I've seen Lisbet listed yet. I really like this one. There's also Lisa.

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    Busy / Bizzy is my favorite nn for Elizabeth.
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    Elowen Olympia, Ramona June / Ramona Lux, Agatha Pearl, Cosima Valentine, Magnolia Simone, Ozma Winter
    Rory Valentine, Atlas Grey, Omri North, Cedar Graham, Emrys Odin

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    I found this
    Variations Of The Name Elizabeth - International Variations Of Elizabeth |

    I dont think elisabeth isabella or isobel were mentioned yet.

    Liza, eliza, or elisa are my favorite Nn's

    I know a little elizabeth who answers to lizard

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