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    WDYT of the names Philippa Charlotte and Lucy Annabelle

    Hello :-)

    I was just wondering what you thought of the names
    Philippa (Pippa) Charlotte and Lucy Annabelle.

    My dad is called Philip, and my sister Charlotte. I just like the name Lucy and Ann is my mums middle name and Belle is my grandmas :-)

    I was at school the other day and we were talking about names. The girls didn't like them at all!! So now I'm curious about your opinion!

    Thank you so much :-)

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    Phillipa Charlotte is Pippa Middleton's name...
    But they both sound great
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    I love the name Lucy Annabelle! If PP is correct I wouldn't mind Philippa w/Pippa as a nn. It certainly sounds like Philip but for a girl maybe it's better as a middle. Charlotte Philippa has a nice ring to it!

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    Both are nice but I like Pippa (Phillipa Charlotte) better.

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