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    Which do you find easier: boy or girl names?

    Title really says it all!

    Personally, I find boys names a lot easier and I feel that boys can pull off more popular names than a girl can, don't know why.
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    I used to think that boys names were a lot more fun to look at, but once I got pregnant girls names became so much easier to think about. There are hardly any limits with girls names and just so many wonderful options. Boys names are so difficult for me now. None ever seem quite right. I can't fall in love with them like I can with girls names.
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    I agree with vblanch, there are far more girl names that I like, and in general girl names seem more versatile to me. I'm currently pregnant with a little boy, and I don't really like any names. Of course, I would probably have the same problem if I was pregnant with a girl: it would probably be harder to settle on all the girl names I like now if I needed one for a real baby.

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    Boys! There are far more boys names that I love, although I suppose that could lead to difficulty in choosing the perfect combos. I have two definite girls names picked out already, and only a handful of other girls' names that I like at all, so if I had more than two girls I'd be in trouble.
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    I love way more girl names than boy names, though I've had my top boy's name longer than any of my other names.
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