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    What goes with Desiree?

    So we are considering having a second child, and I can't stop day dreaming about having a little girl. It's already been decided if we have a girl, she will have Desiree as a middle name (it's my first name). What are some first name suggestions to go with Desiree?

    I already like:

    Clara Desiree
    Violet Desiree
    Amelia Desiree
    Piper Desiree

    (BTW, our last name sounds similar to 'Morris')
    Proud Mother to Colton Michael (age 2)

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    I've always like the name Desiree (the meaning is a added bonus). It's a royal name in Sweden so that's a majestic association. I like three out of four on your list (not too crazy about Piper). Here are some other suggestions.

    Naomi Desiree
    Camille Desiree
    Stella Desiree
    Natalia Desiree
    Sylvie Desiree
    Vivian Desiree
    Lydia Desiree
    Phoebe Desiree
    Helena Desiree
    Eva Desiree
    Ivy Desiree
    Ruby Desiree
    Junia Desiree
    Nina Desiree
    All the best,

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    Thank you guys for the input I loved a lot of them, but should have mentioned my husband is the type of man who would name our kid Caitlin or Ashley. I'm the type who would have a Boheme or India. So we have tread lightly between outdated and out-there

    Some of the names listed I love, especially Alice (added bonus: it was my great-grandmother's name).

    Proud Mother to Colton Michael (age 2)

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