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    Question Need uncommon girl name suggestions

    We're looking for uncommon girl name suggestions...nothing too weird, but not commonly used.

    Older sister's name is Amelia and we cant find anything we like as much that isnt being heavily used right now. We love the unique quality of Amelia's name and how it will fit her as an adult as well as a child.

    We both like A names a lot but are open to other first letters.

    Our last name is 2 syllables and starts with an L.

    Thank you! I'm 8 months along and we haven't found anything we really love that isnt already very popular right now so we really need the help!

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    Griselda Phoebe ° Flora Melisende ° Alice Magdalena ° Melody Elysia ° Charlotte Nimue ° Beatrice Marigold
    Aurora Charlotte ° Cecily Helena ° Cecily Beatrice ° Seraphina Phoebe
    Edmund Ludwig ° Edmund Lucius ° Magnus Florian ° Magnus Geoffrey ° Sylvan Orpheus
    Robin Lysander ° Edward Lancelot

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    Amelia is in the top 10 in both Britain and was actually number 1 in the UK last year. So maybe this list will help you choose a name you like Combined Spellings 2011 - Girls - British Baby Names or look near the bottom of the top 1000 list Combined Spellings 2011 - Girls - British Baby Names
    Hope you feel inspired. Good Luck

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