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    Help me think of more names to go with these...


    Sager ? not sure about this one

    Individually what do you think of these names?

    What are your top three names?

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    Allegra: Reminds me of the allergy medication, so I do not like.

    Oona: Sounds like a baby's nickname for something.

    Phaedra: I like this much better than the previous two, I love the history.

    Freya: I've always been a fan of Norse mythology and so, I associate Freya with beauty.

    Isla: Love this name, though it's getting pretty popular. I like the sound of it.

    Top 3: Freya, Isla, then Phaedra.
    Suggestions: Cassia, Eliora, Lila, Calista, Calliope, Io, Laurel.
    Declan: Like Isla, this name seems to be rising in popularity.

    Ezra: Never been a fan of biblical names, but Ezra is quirky cool.

    Linus: Nope. Never liked this name. Very dorky and I will always associate it with the Peanuts.

    Bennett: This one is on my list as well. I love it.

    Sager: It's okay, I don't hate it like I thought I would. Still prefer Sage.

    Top 3: Bennett, Declan, and Ezra.
    Suggestions: Flynn, Levi, Milo, Dashiell, Eli, Archer, Holden.
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