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    Second cousins with rhyming names?

    So I just had an 'uh-oh' moment concerning my name list.

    My cousin recently had a baby girl named Kora. She's the first of my cousins to have a baby and nobody else is thinking about it anytime soon so this never even occurred to me, but the baby is my first cousin once removed, my kids and Kora would be second cousins. Would it be weird to have second cousins with names that rhyme? We're a relatively close-knit family so the kids would probably see each other a few times a year. However I'm not likely to have kids within the next couple of years unless there's a massive 'oops', so there would probably be an age difference of several years between them.

    Right now I have Flora -- and Florence NN Flora -- on my list and am considering adding Thora. Would you eliminate these names because they rhyme with a family member's?
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