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    Charlotte- Me {it's my middle name}
    Charlie- Bartlett
    Beatrice- Princess
    Georgiana- Duchess
    Georgie- Henley
    Rosalie- Twilight
    Francesca- Acquaintance
    Seraphine- Garner
    Caroline- Vampire
    Ireland- Place
    Cora- Titanic
    Lyra- Belacqua
    Aria- Montgomery
    Lilah- Grandmother
    India- Hemsworth


    Desmond- Tutu
    Henry- Ford
    Everett- Everest
    Malcolm- Liars
    Eli- E.Coli
    Gabriel- Angel
    Arthur- Sherlock
    Shepherd- Derek
    Emilia • Bronwen • Anthea • Piper • Helena
    Artemis • Beatrice • Delilah • Genevieve • Lillian • Matilda • Ophelia • Penelope • Rosamund • Willow
    Stanley • Arthur • Henry • Caspian • Dexter
    Edmund • Forest • Jasper • Julian • Luca • Maxen • Oscar • Sebastian • Thomas • Winston

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    Charlotte- Bronte
    Charlie- female character in an Olsen twins movie (When in Rome, I think?)
    Beatrice- Beezus from the Ramona books
    Georgiana- my cousin's cousin, who pronounces this Georgie-Ahna and goes by Georgi
    Georgie- Georgi, again
    Rosalie- my grandmother
    Francesca- a cool girl I knew in first grade
    Seraphine- angels
    Caroline- my cousin, who pronounces it Caroline AND Carolyn
    Ireland- the country and/or Alec Baldwin's daughter
    Elowen- a former college classmate's daughter
    Cora- Lady Grantham from Downton Abbey
    Lyra- The Golden Compass (movie)
    Aria- Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Liars
    Lilah- that creepy Wolfram and Hart lawyer from Angel
    India- Gone with the Wind or Chris Hemsworth's daughter


    Desmond- LOST or Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Henry- King Henry VIII or Henry the Green Engine from Thomas the Tank Engine
    Everett- Rupert Everett
    Malcolm- Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly
    Eli- the bible or little Elis I met last summer at work
    Gabriel- my brother's middle name
    Arthur- King Arthur
    Shepherd- LOST or Grey's Anatomy

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    Some of my associations are a little wacky. :P


    Charlotte- chocolate (I've always associated Charlotte with chocolate and I don't know why, haha)
    Charlie- Disney tv show Good Luck Charlie
    Beatrice- the Divergent series
    Georgiana- the color purple
    Georgie- peaches
    Rosalie- a blonde haired little girl
    Francesca- this girl I know who has this name, she's always happy
    Seraphine- mermaids
    Caroline- Sunshine
    Ireland- Alec Baldwin's daughter
    Elowen- a forest
    Cora- Buttons
    Lyra- musical
    Aria- purple
    Lilah- a girl with black hair
    India- the color orange, and... Well, India.


    Desmond- wood (I can't even explain this one...)
    Henry- JJ's son on Criminal Minds
    Everett- Mt. Everest
    Malcolm- in the middle
    Eli- Elijah
    Gabriel- the archangel
    Arthur- the aardvark, Arthur Read from the PBS series
    Shepherd- sheep
    Sari, lover of names.

    The enchanting little witches: Euphemia, Cressida, Ottoline & Hermione.
    The charming young wizards: Bartholmew, Zephyr, Cosmo & Lucian.

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    Charlotte- I think of the cute girl I know nicknamed Lottie.
    Charlie- my brothers name.
    Beatrice- I think of Beezuz from the Ramona books.
    Georgiana- over the top
    Georgie- boy I taught
    Rosalie- Rosa is a great nn
    Francesca- spunky
    Seraphine- fiend
    Caroline- girl I taught
    Ireland- The country
    Elowen- Halloween
    Cora- My cousin
    Lyra- That movie about a compass
    Aria- Pretty little liars
    Lilah- flowers
    India- My friends dog


    Desmond- smart
    Henry- tall
    Everett- mountain
    Malcolm- Shakespeare
    Eli- strong
    Gabriel- love the nn Gabe
    Arthur- The tv show I loved as a kid
    Sheperd- Lost
    19 yr old name nerd, nanny & applied sciences undergrad

    Long time favourites: Olive, Harriet, Ezra, Atlas & Hugo

    In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer -Albert Camus

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    Charlotte - Its alright - The American Flag (I'm just as confused as you are.)
    Charlie - Like - And the Chocolate Factory
    Beatrice - Its alright - Bellatrix Lestrange
    Georgiana - Dislike - Georgina from Gossip Girl
    Georgie - Its alright - Lucy from Narnia
    Rosalie - Meh - Twilight *shudder*
    Francesca - Dislike - faded blue jeans
    Seraphine - Its alright - the dragon from Eragon
    Caroline - Like - for some reason, the song "Sweet Home Alabama."
    Ireland - Meh - green, the country
    Elowen - Love - LOTR
    Cora - Love - The Legend of Korra
    Lyra - Love - His Dark Materials Series
    Aria - Dislike - PLL
    Lilah - Meh - lilacs
    India - Meh - blue paint and elephants

    Desmond - Meh - Niel Diamond
    Henry - Its alright - kid from OUAT
    Everett - Dislike - Mt. Everest
    Malcolm - Meh - Malcom in the Middle
    Eli - Love - Book of
    Gabriel - Like - the angel
    Arthur - Love - a book?
    Shepherd - Its alright - a wizardlike man leading sheep to the promise land
    Ingrid Genevieve | Evanna Yvaine | Winifred Pearl | Astra Gillian | Hazel Odette
    Rose Mireille | Irene Octavia | Andromeda Neve | Phaedra Delphine

    Damian Orion | Simon Cornelius | Eleazar Maximus | Gareth Ryan
    Raphael Abram | Wendell Alder | Shepherd Phoenix

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