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    I much prefer Sylvie to Sylvia, but it is really a matter of taste. Sylvie is a name in its own right (as others have pointed out). Sylvie might sound nicknamey to some people, but it feels perfectly acceptable as a fn IMO. As someone else pointed out, Sylvie is what Sophie is to Sophia. I really like it.
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    Sylvie is one of my favorite girl names. I am not one to be a fan of nicknames, either. Sylvie, as others have said, is the French version of Sylvia. To me, French culture oozes sophistication so I view Sylvie as a perfectly acceptable, complete first name. I personally feel Sylvia is a little too stuffy and old, but Sylvie is fresh while maintaining class. I really like Sylvie paired with a middle name that ends in an 'a.' I have the combination of Sylvie Johanna on my short list (Johanna honors family).
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    Oh thanks for the wonderful response guys x
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    I dislike Sylvia a lot but I love Sylvie and so there is no contest for me in this regard, just name her Sylvie it is a beautiful name.

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