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  • Adeline Violet

    42 53.85%
  • Adeline Daisy

    36 46.15%
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    Adeline Violet is at once regal and sweet, but Daisy is definitely fresh and cute. Can't go wrong here, but I voted for Adeline Violet.
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    I like Violet better in general, but I like Adeline Daisy better as a combo. It's very sweet and youthful, but not cutesy, if that makes sense. I would love to meet a little Adeline Daisy--I've considered it myself! I think it could go either way as far as sounds go--Adeline Violet shares the strong "I" sound, but Adeline Daisy has the repetitive "D" sound. I think I would go with Adeline Daisy, and save Violet for a second daughter.
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    Adeline Daisy is by far the prettier combo in my opinion. Although i do like Violet, it sounds a little off with Adeline to me.
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    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the comments! Still not sure what we're going to do - we may just end up seeing what she "looks" more like when she's born!

    Interesting that poll-takers strongly preferred Violet, but commenters tended toward Daisy!

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