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    Searching for our next girl's name

    We are expecting our second daughter shortly and are searching for a name. Our first is named Charlotte Ainsley and our last name rhymes with Boone. Here are the contenders in no particular order, however the first and corresponding middle names are set.

    1. Emmeline (Pronounced Emmie-LINE) Carys
    2. Caroline Elyse
    3. Everly Blythe
    4. Genevieve Carys

    Thanks for the input!

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    I think Everly Blythe goes the best with Charlotte Ainsley. They sound sweet together.
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    I like number one

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    Considering what sounds best with your daughter's name:
    In order:
    1.) Caroline Elyse
    2.) Emmeline Carys
    3.) Everyly Blythe
    4.) Genevieve Carys

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    Everly feels too modern next to Charotte and Caroline and Charlotte share the same origins in the same root as Charles/Carl. Both Emmeline and Genevieve go well with Charlotte. Personally I find Genevieve more likely to be pronounced and spelled correctly, so that's probably how I'd go, although Emmeline is lovely.

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