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    Sister for Mallory, Reuben, & Violet

    Mallory Gretchen, Reuben Mosiah, and Violet Justine are getting a baby sister. DH and I are having a hard time finding names to go with her middle name (Anna, after DH's mother). Here are some suggestions we've received. Neither of us love any of them, but we like them.

    Lucy Anna
    Scarlett Anna
    Elodie Anna
    Lily Anna
    Amelie Anna

    We have also talked about using a name ending in Anna (Lucianna, Julianna) and then giving her a middle name honoring one of his grandmothers (Pearl or Martha).

    So could you suggest names to go with the middle name Anna, or names ending in Anna and going with the middle name Pearl or Martha? Thanks.
    Mommy to Mallory 7, Reuben 5, and Violet 3.
    Expecting a baby girl October 19th!

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    I really like Scarlett. I think Lucianna or Lilianna would be cute with siblings and middle pearl.

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    Scarlett and Violet are a little much for my taste. And Martha doesn't seem to go that well with names ending with Anna. But Pearl is adorable!
    What about
    Brianna Pearl
    Dianna Pearl
    Gianna Pearl
    Hannah Pearl (this is my favorite for you!)
    Pollyanna Pearl

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    I think Julianna Pearl would work well!

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