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    I was Fiery, Feisty, and full of energy as a little girl...I think the name Mieke, Liv, tatiana, Sansa, larke....something spunky..

    My name is Natasha, and I think this actually suits me quite well =) good job mama!

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    Me at ten? Ugh. I shudder to think about it. I was overweight, clunky, awkward, loud. I was also too smart for my own good and didn't know how to handle it. I don't recall being a real pleasant child and it's a wonder I had any friends.

    All that said, the first name that came to mind when you posed this question was Wilma. Gertrude would also fit. I would never, ever choose these name, but they definitely would have fit the obnoxious 10 year-old me.
    Mom to Sylvia Caron and Linus Roman

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    My name is Sarah. I think that name fit me as a kid, but doesn't fit me now. But for the sake of this board, I would probably see myself as these names:


    Hmm I did this once on a quiz, and can't remember the results. I wish I did, because I felt it fit me perfectly. It may have been Sariah. So I think something similar to the name I have. I was once called Rachel so maybe that one too.

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    naming myself

    As a child, I was bossy and rather willing to lie and create my own rules over my friends. And being around people, gathering attention, that was my forte. I'd say I was a Maris Jane, Chloe Eliza, Rowa Marie, or Maya Katherine.

    Around six or seven, I started developing my artistic skills, but I still had very much the same personality. I was just addicted to music, inched into being a spirited personality, and lost control of my clean habits. I could've been simply Tara Justine, Jessie May, or Carlin Nicole (names I dislike, that are just plain).

    As for an early teenager, I was super outgoing and attention-demanding, but insecure. All my talents disappeared and I went to almost waste. I could've been called Lindsey Anne, Lauren Rose, Paige Christine, or Cammie Jane (names that are ridiculously mainstream, mostly out of inspiration from the dull friends that I wanted to be like).

    But as a late teen/early adult, I've developed into my name, Addison: preppy, clean cut, and (although suddenly mainstream) pretty unique. If it could change into the artistic, flighty new names I've always wanted, it'd probably be Elizabeth June, Abigail Louise, Blair Catherine, or Colette Marie.

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    At age ten, I was very a loud, nosy child who liked to get into anything - the cookie jar, other people's business, etc. I craved attention and often got it. I had a super large circle of friends but I wasn't close to any of them, really. I was pretty tall (5'4'' at late 10) and was a bit awkward. You could say I was a smart kid, I guess. I was in 6th grade at the age of 10. Names that might suit me:

    Catalina || 18 || College Student

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