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    My top three, in order of preference:

    [formerly nj003]

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    Allegra - lovely, but reminds me of allergia
    Anwen - dislike
    Cecily - love
    Cordelia - it's nice
    Dahlia - love Dah-lee-uh pronunciation
    Hazel - it's OK
    Iris - dislike
    Isadora - dislike
    Matilda - it's OK
    Ramona - like it
    Rosemary - dislike
    Susanna - love
    Zinnia - it's OK
    Cecily Melody Valerie Bridget Amoret Amethyst Charlotte Rosamund Nimue Valkyrie Lenore Seraphina Flora Alma Saskia Aurora Miranda Doroteja Eliska Magdalena Helena Ravenna Elaine Rosalyn Beatrice Alice
    Duncan Thorin Robin Julian Florian Sylvan Amadeus Magnus Lucius Clarence Edmund Edward Desmond Raphael Marcel Pascal Emil Arthur Zephyr Lysander Gaspar Edgar Harvey Wesley Percy Ludwig Beowulf Frey Erik Robert Gustav Felix

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    I love Iris, Matilda and Ramona.

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    My favourites
    Anwen - Really like this.
    Dahlia - Love this if said doll-ya, not fond of the 3-syllable versions.
    Hazel - Strong, tailored. I really love this and it's on my own list.
    Iris - Growing quite fond of it. Still like Ivy more though.
    Isadora - but would prefer spelling Isidora. Isidora is less Isabella-ish, and more Isis-y, which I like. I am not brave enough to use Isis directly but am really fond of Isidora.
    Ramona - Love this, can't use it. Very underappreciated.
    Rosemary - I love the "rememberance" aspect, the blue flowers, and the fresh herbal feel that keeps it from being sugary. Dislike "Rosie" though.
    Zinnia - Love how spunky it is, but it's very modern feeling and lacks nicknames. Still cute as a button, and a bit wildflower-y.

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