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    Jun 2013
    My top three, in order of preference:

    Sylvie | Ronan | Genevieve | August
    [formerly nj003]

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    Allegra - lovely, but reminds me of allergia
    Anwen - dislike
    Cecily - love
    Cordelia - it's nice
    Dahlia - love Dah-lee-uh pronunciation
    Hazel - it's OK
    Iris - dislike
    Isadora - dislike
    Matilda - it's OK
    Ramona - like it
    Rosemary - dislike
    Susanna - love
    Zinnia - it's OK
    Sorry for mistakes, I am foreigner.
    If you like unusual and remarkable names, use them!
    Freya Romilly/ Melody Elysia/ Belle Seraphina/ Eva Melisande/ Elodie Sunniva
    Leon Percival/ Tristan Wulfric/ Magnus Oberon/ Finn Beowulf/ Arthur Peregrine

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    I love Iris, Matilda and Ramona.

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    My favourites
    Anwen - Really like this.
    Dahlia - Love this if said doll-ya, not fond of the 3-syllable versions.
    Hazel - Strong, tailored. I really love this and it's on my own list.
    Iris - Growing quite fond of it. Still like Ivy more though.
    Isadora - but would prefer spelling Isidora. Isidora is less Isabella-ish, and more Isis-y, which I like. I am not brave enough to use Isis directly but am really fond of Isidora.
    Ramona - Love this, can't use it. Very underappreciated.
    Rosemary - I love the "rememberance" aspect, the blue flowers, and the fresh herbal feel that keeps it from being sugary. Dislike "Rosie" though.
    Zinnia - Love how spunky it is, but it's very modern feeling and lacks nicknames. Still cute as a button, and a bit wildflower-y.

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