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    Haha! Thank you guys so much. Mostly these are my ideas; he's just approved him. If he was naming a girl, she'd be Catherine, Johanna, Marina or Ramona. If I was naming a girl myself, she'd be Cordelia (on the list), Allegra (on the list), Guinevere, Beatrix, Rosalind or Penelope. So, some compromising has happened to get this list, as per usual, I suppose.

    The surname is Fu, if that helps narrow it down a bit. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.
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    My absolute favorite of these is a tie between Anwen and Hazel. Both lovely!

    Least Favorites:
    Allegra (makes me think of the medication)
    Dahlia and Zinnia (not a huge fan of flower names in general, and these are the least attractive ones to me)
    Matilda and Ramona (I know a lot of people like these, but they just seem incredibly stuffy to me)

    Name I think sounds best with Oscar: definitely Hazel. I really like Hazel Catherine or Hazel Rosalind!

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    Allegra - this is pretty but it's very allergy medicine to me, especially absent an Italian surname.
    Anwen - I kind of like it, but it's very nasally, and I think it would match best with a Welsh surname and/or sibling name.
    Cecily - I love Cecily! The one Cecily I've ever known had a surname similar to yours, and I thought it had such good flow! Love it with Oscar too!
    Cordelia - I find this too stuffy personally, but I know it gets a lot of love. Great nicknames, goes well with Oscar and your surname.
    Dahlia - I'm quite fond of Dahlia and it goes well with Oscar and your surname
    Hazel - I have similar feelings to this as for Dahlia. It has a slightly more spunky, less fancy feel than a lot of your list, make sure you like it.
    Iris - ditto Iris. Iris and Hazel are very similar in feel to me. I like Hazel but do prefer Iris.
    Isadora - I have similar feelings for this as to Cordelia. I like Isadora more.
    Matilda - Oscar and Matilda are so cute together! Quite l like this as a name and for you.
    Ramona - ditto Matilda!
    Rosemary - Of all your plant-based names, I probably like Rosemary the most for you, close with Dahlia though.
    Susanna - Similar feelings to Matilda and Ramona, my only concern might be Sue Fu?
    Zinnia - I really like the name Zinnia but am not quite as fond of it with Oscar and your surname for some reason. It does still work OK though.

    Best wishes!

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    I really like. . .

    I like. . .

    I dislike. . .

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    My top 3:

    Dahlia -- Dolly is adorable for a nickname, and Dahlia is beautiful and works well for all ages.
    Iris -- I just love the flower and it's old fashioned without being stuffy
    Anwen -- It's unusual but not hard to pronounce with Annie being familiar as a nickname.
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