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    Penn Franklin Harper (47, Green Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    Florence Sofia Gamble-Harper (Ren, 43, Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Jessamine Eve Harper (Jessa, 20, Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Emma Avery Harper (18, Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Phineas Abel Harper (Finn, 14, Green Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Ephraim Abner Harper (Rami, 12, Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Gideon Bennett Harper (10, Green Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Opal Inessa Harper (6, Identical Twin, Green Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Olive Matilda Harper (6, Identical Twin, Green Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Audrey Alexandra Harper (4, Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Halle Genesis Harper (2, Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair)
    -Miles Rhett Harper (Newborn, Green Eyes & Blonde Hair)

    Jessa, Emma, Finn, Rami, Gideon, Opal, Olive, Audrey, Halle & Miles
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

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    DH: Lucifer Gray O'Connell, 45, green eyes, blonde hair
    DW: Dorothy Gloria Griffin-O'Connell, 44, blue eyes, blonde hair

    -DD1: Jocelyn Willow O'Connell 'Joss', 18, blue eyes, blonde hair
    --DD2: Reva Avalon O'Connell, 17, green eyes, blonde hair
    ---DS1: Dalton Burke O'Connell, 15, blue eyes, blonde hair
    ----DS2: Michael Emmett O'Connell, 12, blue eyes, blonde hair
    -----DS3: Warren Miles O'Connell, 10, green eyes, brown hair
    ----DD3/DD4: Roslyn Fawn 'Roz' and Ruby Olive O'Connell, 8, green eyes, blonde hair
    ---DD5: Lydia Eve O'Connell, 6, blue eyes, blonde hair
    --DD6: Matilda Plum O'Connell 'Millie', 3, green eyes, brown hair
    -DS4: Evan Rhett O'Connell, 1, blue eyes, brown hair

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally - Zanna

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    Last name: Bernthal-Hall

    DH: Declan Arrow
    2.) Blue eyes/ black hair

    DW: Primrose Rain
    1.) Green eyes / red hair

    DD1: Florence Evrose
    red hair/green eyes

    DD2: Celeste Everly
    black hair/green eyes

    DS1: Dalton Joss
    brown hair/blue eyes

    DS2: Emmett Miles
    black hair/blue eyes

    DS3: Ronan Fox
    red hair/green eyes

    DD3/DD4: Rosalie Reva/Rhiannon Darby
    red hair/blue eyes and black hair/green eyes

    DD5: Araceli Rain
    black hair/blue eyes

    DD6: Matilda Medrie
    red hair/green eyes

    DS4: Jensen Henley
    blond hair/green eyes

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    LN: Harper

    DH: Phinneaus Arrow Harper - Brown eyes, brown hair
    DW: Isobel Waverly Harper- Blue eyes, black hair

    DD1: Judas Gray Harper- Blue eyes, brown hair (18)
    DD2: Atalanta Odessa Harper - Hazel eyes, brown hair (16)
    DS1: Yardley James Harper - Green eyes, black hair (13)
    DS2: Matilda Hudson Harper - Brown eyes, black hair (12)
    DS3: Sable Everly Harper - Green eyes, brown hair (10)
    DD3/DD4 (Identical): Leon Thurston Harper and Aurelius Dalton Harper - Brown eyes, brown hair (7)
    DD5: Goldie Rosalie Harper - Hazel eyes, black hair (4)
    DD6: Burke Gideon Harper - Blue eyes, brown hair (3)
    DS4: Rhiannon Valley Harper - Brown eyes, brown hair (1)

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    DH: Lachlan Cedar Blue eyes/ black hair
    DW: Eve Danica Green eyes / red hair
    DD: Olive Cressida Green eyes / black hair Age? 19
    DD: Amity Fawn Blue eyes/ brown hair Age? 17
    DS: Samson Arrow Blue eyes/ black hair Age? 15
    DS: Bennett Huxley Green eyes / black hair Age? 13
    DS: Darian Burke Green eyes / brown hair Age? 11
    DD/DD: Bianca Plum & Dahlia Opal Blue eyes/ black hair Age? 9 identical
    DD: Sable Odelia Blue eyes / black hair Age? 6
    DD: Everly Jessamine Blue eyes/ red hair Age? 3
    DS: Phineas Evander Brown eyes / brown hair Age? 0
    Top Names: Benedict Zeal & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Calvin: Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    TTC this year!!

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