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    If I was choosing any of those for a child, I'd be deciding between Junia, Priscilla and Salome.
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    It is easily Tamar I love best of those. I love Tamar in general.

    My other obscure favourites are Jael, Kezia, Noa, Ruchama and Michal. I do prefer the Hebrew pronunciations ya-ELLE and Keh-tzee-ah, but don't care whether they're spelt Jael and Kezia or the more Hebraicized Yael and Ketzia. I have known Jaels to use the Hebrew pronunciation and read the J soft.

    I can't remember if Ruchama or Ruhama is the more common English spelling, (in English Bibles - none are common as names!). Sorry about the language gap. I do like the name, the meaning, and the nickname Rue.

    If Tabitha and Tzipporah count as obscure I like them too.
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    I like Junia and Priscilla.
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    Tamar and Junia are quite beautiful...
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    I like Salome the best from this list. My favorite, though, is Adah.
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