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    I think Woodrow Allen is a fantastic name. Of course, my Airedale Terrier is named Woodrow, nn Wood, Dro, or Dro-bo.
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    Philip Raleigh is my favorite name on this list. A little classic, a little cowboy. Perfect.
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    I think Caleb really works well with Joshua and Abigail.
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    I love Caleb Briggs! I know a little boy named Briggs, and I find him delightful, so I may be a bit biased
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    I think it works well with one or two Ls.. Both visually appealing! If you like the one L spelling, just stop there and settle on that one. When in doubt I always vote for simplicity! I understand the Philip nicknames not appealing to everyone (though I LOVE them) but there really is no need for a nickname at all with the two quick syllables that make up Philip. Good luck deciding! Although I made my favorite obvious, I don't think you can go wrong either way

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