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    Two boy name questions (short)

    1. I generally don't mind initials forming a word unless it's something bad like A.S.S or whatnot, but are the initials B.O.T. bad? The combo I'm considering is Blair Oberon, which I love how it sounds, but I do worry if BOT is going to be trouble or not.

    I've considered spelling Oberon as Auberon, but I don't really like it with the Au-.

    2. Pick the best middle name for Cyrus:

    Cyrus Mortimer
    Cyrus Ferdinand
    Cyrus Sebastian
    Cyrus Augustine
    Cyrus Emerson
    Cyrus Indigo
    Cyrus Abraham

    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Love Indigo for a boy so that gets my vote as a mn. Emerson would be my second choice.

    BOT isn't horrible.

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    The only thing BOT makes me think of is a short form for robot. DH agrees.

    My favourite Cyrus combo is Cyrus Ferdinand.
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    Like Lilysong said, the only thing I think of it robot. But that would be kinda cool for a little boy I imagine Not a problem at all!

    I quite fancy Cyrus Augustine.
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    1) BOT isn't bad. Boys think robots are cool - I bet he'd like it!
    2) Ferdinand
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    If we have another...
    Seamus Arthur/Albert or Brigid Ellen/Helen

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