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Thread: June for a boy

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    I personally like it.

    I sort of measure unisex names by a little system.

    1. Are there *full names that rhyme?
    So like you said there's Dune, and there's also Boone, and Rune. So why not June?
    *(Zoe and Chloe for example, do not work, as Joey is only a nickname.)

    2. Is it very popular for only one gender?
    Avery and Noah may work for both genders, but they are very popular and almost solely used for only girl and boy. June is not extremely widely used as a girls name as of late, so I think it's fine.
    (This rule is very subjective, and should not be used as a definitive decision maker)

    3. Just focusing on the sound alone, how do I feel about it?
    Does it sound feminine, masculine, or neither?

    4. Origin of the Name
    Months, surnames, and seasons don't have genders. This rule is moot though if it conflicts with another one. (Example April and Summer are too popular as girl names, August and Parker likewise as boy names).

    5. Ask someone impartial
    Yes people on nameberry count, but I'd also try asking someone else, as I think the opinions of people here are skewed, in a more creative, grey area, daring type of way

    These obviously don't always work though. Its just sort of a guideline I try to follow. Let's face it, the whole boy name/girl name thing is totally nonsense, and doesn't actually have any rhyme or reason to it, but it is how it is sometimes.
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    I prefer the spelling Dune as it makes it look more masculine.

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    while its on some peoples signatures i dont think Juniper has been suggested yet

    also June IS a girl name, no boy would want it as a first OR middle name.

    society creating 'gender roles' is just natural. there are males and females. we are different and have different characteristics that occur in us naturally. seems weird that so many people fight this and their own natures. people are free to change and chose who they want to be in life, but it seems those are the ones that have a problem and cant accept themselves as they are and are obsessed with changing themselves into what they want opposed to what they are.

    this a good case in which to listen to society. there is a reason its 'won' in this front.

    plus there are plenty of better and more inventive options as everyone has pointed out anyway.

    ps Juni's name in Spy Kids is Junito Rocket Racer Rebel "Juni" Cortez. His three middle names are those of director Robert Rodriguez's eldest sons.
    - let us note that Rodriguez didnt pick Junito as a name for his kids, hint hint, though i dont suggest any of the names he did pick lol.

    and if we all remember correctly Juni wasnt exactly popular. looks like it is really an Americanized variation of Juanito when considering the rest of his families names. June in Spanish is Junio which doesnt add any masculinity or charm.

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    It's great in theory, but probably not in reality. Everyone will assume he's a girl before they meet him, as it is traditionally used for girls. I'd be hesitant, as you're giving another person a name (not yourself), so you have to consider whether or not he'll like having to constantly explain his name. Although name nerds may love the novelty, I doubt that the general populous will be quite as forgiving...
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    While the idea of June for a boy may be appealing, I don't think you would be doing a son any favors naming him that. It is very feminine.
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