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Thread: June for a boy

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    June for a boy

    I love the name June. Recently I like it for a boy, I think it is a much nicer sound than Jude and I think it would be quite a handsome name.

    I considered the spelling Dune but I think I like June better.

    I'm having a hard time finding a name for a boy that I'm really excited about.


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    I actually really like the idea. However, I'm not sure whether it's a great idea to actually use it as a first name. All of the confusion that girls named Tyson or James deal with would probably be multiplied tenfold for a boy named June, and I doubt he'd like his name. That said, I think it makes a great middle. I think Junot, Juneau, Juno, or Junius (the first three are pronounced the same) are great options to consider- same sound, but a little bit more masculine. Junot has the added association of author Junot Diaz.

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    I love the idea. It reminds me of "Jun" in other languages.
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    Love! I think it's great as a first name. It's got a clean, masculine sound. It looks good on paper. Much better and more exciting than Jude. And I like it much better than Dune, though I could get behind Dune as well. I prefer June. Great choice.

    In light of other people's concerns, I still say go for it. Its sound is not inherently feminine at all, it's just that more girls tend to have it, and the idea that girls can have boys' names but not the other way around is ridiculous. I would say that you should probably give a boy June a more conventionally boyish middle name. If he doesn't love June and immediately embrace it, he can go by his middle, by his first initial J, whatever he prefers. And as a grown-up, he can go by J. Alexander, or whatever middle you choose, on paper, if it feels particularly important to read as masculine.
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    I think June is too much of a girl's name and he would be teased a lot. I think doing Juno or another similar name might work better for him. You could even name him Juno but call him June as a nickname leaving him the full name to use in school.
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