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Thread: June for a boy

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    imo it doesn't sound masculine at all. Sorry.

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    June doesn't sound very feminine to my ears. I agree that something like Juno would be better.
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    I actually really like the idea of June for a boy. I think the name is a bit soft but no more so than a name like Lucian. Speaking from experience as someone whose husband has a traditionally feminine name (his name is Christin) I can say he will likely be teased and will certainly get mail addressed to Mrs. or Ms. sometimes but if you have a firmly masculine middle or nn option that he could chose to use for a time if it really bothers him I think it can work. I am the only one who calls my husband by his full name but I really love it I think it suits him perfectly and I think the same can be said for a little June.
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    Hate it for a boy. Jude is much more masculine while still cool and not common.

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    It's a month name so I don't see why it couldn't be used on a boy.
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