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    I'm American, and Hermione is definitely 4 syllables how I say it. I know the other two are not, but 3 syllables does work if it is the right name. My goal was to find something with the same feel as Felicity, so yeah

    I do love Persephone but 1) I've run it past SO and he made a very unpleasant face and 2) Not sure I am brave enough to use it!!
    Caroline Frances Luna ~ Clarity Anneliese Kate ~ Josephine Louisa Danielle
    Marilyn Lucille ~ Rosemary Margaret Jayne ~ Seraphina Ruby Elizabeth

    David Theodore John ~ Elijah Laurence Rhys ~ Ezra William Beau
    Frederick Benjamin Roger ~ Julian Samuel James ~ Logan Christopher Knightley

    Literary GP Combos
    Charlotte Pemberley Jane ~ Philippa Austen Rose

    Expecting Spring 2016!

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