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    Bumping because I added a name that I left off by accident: Adah Katherine (AY-da). Dh likes nn Adie (AY-dee), but I like it alone.

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    Ok, I found your boys list way easier than your girls. That said i like:
    Sullivan (it's not my faveriot but it has girlie nn possibilities Liv, Soolie, Livy, Sunny)
    Hero (guilty pleasure for me)

    Can't warm too:
    Lennon (Beatle mania)
    Flannery (flan as a nn? Hmmm)
    Sweeney (Sweeney Todd)
    Avocet (reminds me of avocado)

    Good luck! Compromise is tough!

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    I like Poppy, Romilly and Cecily
    Cecily Helena, Charlotte Ravenna, Aurora Valkyrie, Rosalyn Amoret, Seraphina June, Cressida Violante
    Dorothea Giselle, Cvijeta Millicent, Sunniva Lotus
    Charlotte Helena, Charlotte Elaine, Aurora Isolde, Melody Cressida
    Anastasia Bridget, Matilda Amethyst, Melody Beatrice, Morgana Giselle

    Robin Lysander, Edmund Ludwig, Magnus Roland, Percy Beowulf, Wesley Dorian, Edgar Oberon, Emil Orpheus
    Edward Marcel, Lucius Remy, David Perseus

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    I equally LOVE all of these names!

    Edith Katherine "Edie"
    Cecily Katherine "Kit"
    Maude Katherine "Maudie"
    Sparrow Katherine
    Vesper Katherine
    Romilly Katherine "Romy" or "Milly"
    Hero Katherine (I think this may be my favourite - it seems equally girly & unisex)

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    Adah Katherine- Wow, a great Southerny name!
    Edith Katherine "Edie"- A wonderfully vintage name.
    Cecily Katherine "Kit"- Love! So classic, but unique.
    Afton Mary- I know a girl by this name. Truly adorable.
    Louisa Katherine "Lou"- A classic name that you know will age well.
    Genevieve Mary "Evie"- A bit common, but nice.
    Maude Katherine "Maudie"- Love it except for the "Harold and Maude" thing...
    Saffron Mary "Saffy"- One of my favs!
    Zinnia Katherine "Zinn"- Like this a lot.
    Forsythia Mary- Very unique and interesting.
    Camellia Mary (I like Millie, he likes Cam...sigh)- a sweet spot name... not unknown, and not too common.
    Lilac Mary- very nice
    Hero Katherine- Love, reminds me of Much Ado!
    Alba Katherine

    Sweeney Katherine reminds me of weeny and Sweeney Todd... not the best. I can't see Rue aging well. Guthrie is like a gruff old man. Poppy reminds me of papi, poopy, and opium. Sullivan is just too popular for boys.
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    Names I love, but cannot use:

    Soren Pasha, Caspian Bardia, Caspar Siavash, Elias Rostam, Simon Kasra
    Valentina Parvaneh, Rosalind Tala, Viola Katayoun

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