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    I love the name William, its on my list as well. I prefer the nn Will over Bill, but I like Liam as well.

    Im very partial to Brad, although I prefer Bradley. I like Brad as a nn.

    Jack is a very strong, classic name. I love it.

    John is my grandfathers name, and Ive always had a soft spot for it

    James is very classic, you cant
    really go wrong with it. I dont like the nn Jim. I think Jamie is cute.

    William Owen
    William James
    William Thomas

    Brad/ley Joseph
    Brad James
    Brad Alexander

    Jack/son Michael
    Jack Timothy
    Jack James - jj would be a cute nn

    John Paul
    John Bradley
    John Michael

    James Michael
    James David
    James Thomas

    Hope this helps.
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    Jack -- I like the bit of a cavalier air that this name has. It's a sharp, classic name that's perfectly respectable on paper, but it's a bit rascally, too. Favorite.
    James -- Basically a perfect name. It's perfect, what more can I say?
    George -- In spite of the slew of Georges sure to pop up in the UK, I think this is a great choice. In America I don't meet too many Georges, and it's a lovely name. Classic and solid. Not too over the top, a nice sound. Great name.
    David -- A very classic, standard name, but it's got a bit more a pleasant sound than a name like Michael. Thus my preference.
    John -- The classic. Overused, maybe a little boring, but it's popular for a reason. Can't go wrong.
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    Timothy - This is my favourite by far! It's classic but very underused and would be really refreshing but familiar
    Thomas (Tom)
    Nicholas (Nick)
    William (Will or Bill)

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    My top 5:

    John -- so simple and elegant
    William -- I prefer Will to Bill.
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