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    Here comes the painful bit: Finding a girls name!!

    Hello all,

    I'm expecting number 4. I have had only one girls name I really love as my girls choice for my previous 3 babies (all were boys though!): Maude. I've struggled to come up with lists of names but am worried that with only having one name: what if she isn't a Maude?? So, I'm looking for further suggestions please for a baby sister to big brothers Vale, Flynn and Darby. Her middle name will be Jessica and her surname is Ashdown.

    Jessie x

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    I love the name Maude, it is my granny's name! Some suggestions that have the same vibe (IMO) as Maude are....


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    How about Maeve? Maeve Jessica is just as pretty as Maude Jessica.
    From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors. ~ Proverb

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    ohhh I like Greta!

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    well one Maude Jessica doesnt flow or sound very nice, Jessica Maude is a lot better.
    Maude can be very direct and an make a name sound 'choppy' effectively cutting itself from the rest of her name.

    if you HAVE to keep them in your order, use Maude as a nickname and maybe try:

    Maudie, Maudine, Maudlin or even its origin name Matilda

    i LOVE Maudlin and you can still easily call her Maude, plus i think she has more of a chance to 'be' a Maudlin. think very few can pull off Maude and this give you flexibility and flow.

    and to try to get you to spice up the ever overused Jessica maybe consider:

    Jessaline, Jessamy, or Jessamine (depending on if you go with Maudlin -yes!)

    (or even Jessalina/mina)

    i think they are a better match for Maude's 'olden' charm. Maude and Jessica really do clash.

    plus i think variations add more meaning to names we sometimes cling to as favorites or use for tradition/honoring because that extra effort to stretch and adapt our comfort zone parallels the whole point and meaning behind the new life growing inside us.
    taking that extra step like adding 'lin' or 'mine' like to your favorites seems more meaningful than simply copying and pasting names from family or from 10 years ago when you first heard of it.

    Maudlin Jessamine Ashdown

    mmhmmm thats one perfect name.

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