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    sorceress; I like Elodie, Morgana, and Aurora. A lot of these names I like, but they're too popular for me {Emma, Alice, Phoebe etc}

    stormshine; I like Lyra. I also like Luna, but my cousin named her daughter that, which sucks because Luna is one of the few girls names that I ever loved, and now I can't use it.

    bellerose; I like Persephone, but I don't think I'd use it. I like India too, but it's too popular for me.

    cosmonaut; These names are a little too out there for me, for the most part. I'm also not sure they'd age well personally. Right now I'm leaning towards Edmund or Bram for a boy, because they sound great on any kind of guy, whereas I can only imagine Arianwen or Ceridwen on a very beautiful young girl. I can't see an older woman with the name. I'm also not a huge fan of "Gwen" names :/ I can't decide if I like Seraphine or not..

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    Fiorella is very fairy-esque.
    I'm Sierra.
    I write poetry.
    I have no life--just my imagination.

    Winifred, Faye, Adelheid, Agnes, Anne, Eleanor, Hollis, Arthur, Benedict, Finn

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    And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,.

    Rosa Nightingale - Thomasin Psyche - Edith Remember - Zuleika Evening - Belladonna Selene - Daphne Jezebel - Orphéa Requiem - Persephone Raven - Nocturne Ophelia - Frida Forest - Echo Pandora - Séraphine Wildrose
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    Hmmm, here are some less out there ones that may work:

    Iris, Willow, June, Nora, Seren, Calla, Cora, Lyssa, Myrna (prn: Meer-na rather than Mur-na, perhaps), Muriel, Arielle, Melisande, Anya, Evelyn, Imogen, Frances, Laurel, Summer, August/a, Hazel

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