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    Royal Baby Name Generator

    From the Washington Post: an interesting link to the "Royal Baby Name Generator" before HRH George Alexander Louis was born:

    The royal baby name generator - The Washington Post

    Classic girl's name: Eleanor Josephine Chardonnay Windsor.
    Classic boy's name: George Michael Harry Windsor.
    *(I'm not sure William and Catherine would have considered these!)

    What combinations did you come up with?
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    Chardonnay...? I wouldn't put that under "classic", let alone "royal".

    George Michael would have been a little ridiculous.
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    I got:
    Arthur Jack Joseph Windsor
    Abigail Amelia Layla Windsor

    I think the boys combo is something they could have chosen. The girls combo however isn't that royal....
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    I got
    Elizabeth Margaret Rose Windsor
    Phillip Harry Liam Windsor.

    I don't think Margaret would have been chosen for a girl, perhaps Diana instead. And with Alexandra instead of Rose? Maybe Alexandra Diana Elizabeth.

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    I got Abigail Elspeth Freya Windsor (lolnope)
    and for a boy, John Jacob Leo Windsor (John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt...)

    Of course, that was using the "little bit of both" option.
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