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    Though its a stunning combo, surprisingly, I think its a little much--a lIttle too flowery for me. And I also think it might be slightly too close in sound with Eli, but that could be just me.
    But I have heard of, never meant, two people named Iris.
    Seventeen. Ravenclaw. Passions: art, theatre, music, yoga, meditation, naming, and reading.
    (Changing my name to Zoie Willow.)

    For a future...
    Ever-so Darling Daughter:
    Opal Eleanor ~ Harmony Ophelia Maude ~ Cecily Henrietta Mae ~ Lavender Elaine

    Splendid Son:
    Sebastian Bodhi - Hugo Alistair -
    Augustus Grey - Phineas Alexander "Finn"

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    I love Iris Clementine and I think it goes very well with Eli.
    Hazel Beatrice, Eleanor Astrid, Fiona Scarlett, Cecilia Haven, Juliet Marian, Josephine Clara, Felicity Violet, Gemma Lilac, Iris Adelaide, Amelia Penelope, Cassia Reverie

    Oliver Gabriel, Julian Arthur, August Henry, Jasper Atticus, Wesley Felix, Miles Edward, Liam Sebastian, Harry Lachlan, Damon Alastair, Christian Thomas, Luke Edward

    Crushing on: Simon, Elowen, Artemis, Dashiell, Reverie, Lux, Miette, Bellamy, Winter, Avalon, Daisy, Isla, Aurora, Lincoln, Finn, Desmond, Ivy, Luna

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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions so far. I think it has been pretty positive so yeeeeah I'm pretty happy! Hopefully it won't get a huge surge in popularity as I want something that is not common!

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    I LOVE Iris. Clementine, not so much. I knew of an Iris back in elementary school.

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