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    Iris Clementine...WDYT?

    I am feeling very excited as I think I may have FINALLY decided on a name. Iris Clementine.
    This would be to go with big brother Eli. So talk to me about Iris Clementine.

    Do you like it? Does it go with Eli? How popular is Iris, is it about to explode in popularity? Do you know any little girls called Iris, and if so what kind of reactions do they get to heir name?

    Thanks in advance! X

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    1. Yes, I do like it. It sounds lovely and fresh.
    2. I believe so.
    3. I see it a lot on Nameberry, but in real life I have never heard of an Iris.
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    I've never met an Iris.

    Iris Clementine is a perfect combo, it's something I would choose.
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    Eli and Iris are great together. I love the name Iris and the only person I have known with the name is in her 20's. iris Clementine is stunning.
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    I love Iris. I know three of them, but they're all 20+ years old. I've been teaching for 12 years, and I've never taught an Iris. Beautiful choice!
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