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Thread: Ariadne?

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    A couple questions.

    1. Whats your opinion on Ariadne?

    Lovely. Unusual but not complicated or trouble causing.

    2. Is 4 syllables too much name?


    3. Any nicknames?


    4. Any similar suggestions?

    [ Samson Hugo ][ Igor John ][ Ingo Julius ][ Toby Nathaniel ]
    [ Alba Jessamy ] [Edie Oceane ][ Emeline Hope ][ Ffion Mary ]
    [ Giovanna Sparrow ][ Julia Robin ][ Kitty Johanna ][ Llio Kerensa ]

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    I love Ariadne. I don't think 4 syllables is too much at all. I love the sound, look and feel of it. And its not popular at all so you can rest assured that your kid isn't going to come across many others with the same name.

    The problems with it is that I could see people having trouble with spelling or pronunciation. As long as that doesn't bother you, then go for it. It's a beautiful name that is rich in history and has a story behind it.

    As for nicknames, Addie, Ari, Nene, Ree, Ria...those could all work.

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    I love it; the only reason I wouldn't use it myself is because it is too rhymey with our surname :-)

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    I love Ariadne! If I didn't adore the French Arianne so much, I'd probably consider it to my own list, although I'm usually leery about a mythology connection. I don't find it as appealing as a lot of people do. I love the nn Ari for it, although Addie or Annie would be seriously cute, too. There's also Ria, and maybe even Dia.

    I don't think it's too much name--it's unusual, but it's been in a couple movies in the past few years, so I don't think it's unusable. I agree with some of the others--Isabella, Penelope, Seraphina, Alexandra/Alexandria, etc. are just as long, if not longer.

    I like the suggestions of Daphne and Eleni.
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