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    Ivy -- A little bit sassy. I see an Ivy being a little flirt. Ivy Elaine sounds nice to me.
    Stella -- It's a big name. I don't know if it's because of Streetcar, but whenever I meet a Stella I feel like her name is too big for her. She can't quite become big enough to put her own stamp on the name, if that makes sense.
    Alexandra -- I love this name. I wish more girls would use the full name. It's just got such a strength to it. But it maintains its femininity. Alexandra sounds like she could strong arm her way into ruling the world. It's a powerful name. And I do like the nickname Alex. It's a little sharp, but it's a good name. Also. I think Alexandra is a great middle name for all of these other names. I think it's got the length and syllables like Elizabeth that makes it a great counterbalance to almost any name, but it's also a bit fresher and a bit more exciting.
    Willow -- A bit of a hippie name for me. I still like it though. Soft and sweet.
    Zoe -- Too cute for me. It's a very cute name. Zooey Deschanel couldn't be more Zooey if she tried. Not that I dislike her, not that I think a Zoe can't be the perfect opposite of that. It's just not my taste.
    Ava -- Classic, strong, Hollywood. Gumption. Ava is so simple, but it has that certain something. Ava Alexandra has a nice rhythm to me.
    Miranda -- Very romantic and heavy. Mirrrrrrranda. It's a bit of a sexy name. It's still got sophistication though. It can be vixen, but it can be powerful CEO just as easily.
    Charlotte -- So classic, so sweet, so soft. You can't go wrong. I prefer a name with a little more strength in it. Charlotte has no bite or flair, but it's still a fantastic name.
    Scarlett -- Like Miranda for me, but I would skip it personally because of Scarlett O'Hara. I despise everything involved with that story.
    Vivien -- Great name. I prefer the spelling Vivian a little bit, but it's not important. It's clean. It's classic. It's slick and sophisticated. Vivien is quietly powerful and elegant for me. A Vivien could take over the world without anyone noticing until she'd already made her way to the top.
    Poppy -- Very sweet. Very cute. Very preppy. It doesn't grow up well for me, unless you already have enough money and you know you're going to be a socialite, in which case a name like Poppy is perfectly suited to your future profession. A doctor or lawyer named Poppy? I don't think so.
    Violet -- There is something about this name that I don't like. It's got pretty letters and a pretty meaning. But the sound is unappealing to me. It's a bit harsh I guess. Ahh, the person above me said it's too close to 'violent.' That very well may be what's tripping me up.

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