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    Something about Willow Ava is gorgeous to me. I also love Ivy. Willow Ivy (too botanical?) Willow Ava, Ivy Alexandra.
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    Ivy - My favorite name from your list. My only problem with it is that since it's so short I have a hard time finding a middle name. But I love it, it's worth the hunt.
    Stella - I like it, but not as much as a lot of other berries.
    Alexandra - It's a beautiful name, but I'm not a big fan of the traditional Alex and Lexi nicknames.
    Willow - Like.
    Zoe - haha my parents have a cat named Zoe so I'm biased.
    Ava - SO popular, but a lovely name.
    Miranda - A nice Shakespearean name, but nothing special to me.
    Charlotte - Like it a lot. You can never go wrong with Charlotte.
    Scarlett - I like it, but I'm afraid it's a little trendy.
    Vivien - Prefer Violet.
    Poppy - Cute as a nickname, but in the US I don't think it's substantial enough as a full name.
    Violet - Beautiful.

    My favorites are Ivy, Charlotte and Violet. But really, these are all tried and true, none of them are bad names.
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    You guys are all amazing.. So interesting reading everyones views on these names! It's really helpful. Thank you!
    B x

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    I think I would cross Ivy, Willow and Poppy off the list. I'm not a huge fan of nature names and to me, Poppy feels too juvenile to belong to a grown woman. I love the others, though. Have you thought about Clara? I have always liked that name and it fits well with your current list.

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