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    Leon August or.?

    I'm really liking Leon for a boy and August as a middle name my other thought is Leon Arthur. Dh nixed pretty much all of the other options but said he would think about Leon.

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    I think Leon August is a wonderful name!
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    It's a boy!
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    Leon August is fun.
    I'd probably push for Leonidas Augustus (nn Leon). I'm currently liking the pomp and circumstance it a little better.
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    Leon August or Leon Arthur would both be exceptionally handsome. I don't think you can go wrong, really. I slightly prefer Leon August as a combination, though as an individual name, I like Arthur over August.
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    I think Leon August is awesome. You may also want to consider Leon Augustus, which has a rhythm that is slightly easier to say aloud. I too am considering Leon for our first!

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