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    I wanted to chime in because my daughter's name is Vanessa, and I am of Irish decent. That's partly why we chose it-connection to an Irish poet and the Nessa nickname possibility. I think Vanessa is pretty and chic without being trendy. I also think it pairs well with your other siblings. I think being "cool and fresh" means not caring about what everyone else thinks is "cool and fresh."
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    I am not sure why I dislike it so much. I like Veronica (which has a similar historical popularity curve) very much, and I adore Vivien and Viola - but Vanessa falls flat for me. I do know a Vanessa who is lovely but I've never liked the name.

    I do love Nora, which has a rather Irish feel to me, but not Nessa.

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    There's nothing wrong with Vanessa. It does feel slightly dated to me - I would expect a woman in her 20s - but it wouldn't seem weird on a baby. It's a pretty name.
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