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Thread: Avonlea

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    Okay, so I just so happened to notice this name in another berries signature, and it has peaked my curiousity. Ive been probouncing it as AV-un-lee, but im not 100% sure thats correct. Does anyone know the correct way? Please dont say like Anne of green gables as Ive never read that. TIA
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    I think what you have is correct. I have come across it before as well, and I think it's lovely.
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    Yep. Av-un-lee
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    Ummm I pronounce it differently but I'm from the UK where there is a river Avon pron. A (as in ape)-von. So I say A-von-lee. I only realised I said it differently when discussing Anne of Green Gables with my Aussie Chiropractor who says Av-on-lee.
    I quick Google search gives me both pronunciations but I do prefer the way I don't say it!

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    Your pron. is correct.
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