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    Names You'd Never Name A Child, But Love?

    Here are mine, I got a lot of hate on them :$

    I only had girl names though...
    Lexington Poppy, India Rose and Verity Snow.

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    Echo, Alouette, Alpheus, and Hart! Love them but I know everyone would be weirded out if I suggested them.
    BTW not only do I think that Verity Snow is definatly useable, I also think its a beautiful name. Verity Mae is one I'm toying with but not sure of my hubby will go for it.

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    I LOVE the name Nymeria, nn Nym, from Game of Thrones! But unfortunately the author just made it up, so I won't be using it.
    Also Holliday, Caspian and Omri!

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    I echo tuitree on Echo! I love the name to pieces, but in reality, the teasing potential is just too high. My state names, Indiana and Dakota, are also iffy, though Dakota is probably more usable to me, thanks to a girl I know named it. Caspia is another one, but I think it's better for a book character
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