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    Quote Originally Posted by mimi_surfer View Post
    Lexington Poppy, India Rose and Verity Snow.
    LOVE India Rose!

    Quote Originally Posted by circus85 View Post
    One of my faves, but I'm not brave enough to use it.

    I love Sweetbriar but would never use it (except maybe for a mn if hubs let me), same with Honey/Honeybee & Lavender.
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    Octavia. Wish i was brave enough to use it but im not. I also love Persephone, Ariadne, Briar, Sunday, and Soleil.
    |Penelope Winter Rose | Alexander Gideon Delayne | Luna Aurora Belle | William Owen Emrys | Liliana Tallulah Grace | Micah Isaac James | Dahlia Winter Carys | Elijah Samuel Leon | Coraline Lavinia Jane | Jasper Everett Greer | Gianna Francesca Maryse | August River Jordan | Magnolia Gwyneira Hesper | Silas John Paul | Anastasia Beatrix Pearl | Leland Samuel Delayne | Artemis Elektra Victoria | Lachlan Isaiah Rhys | Arcadia Callista Maeve|

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    Halifax, Rouensa (Native American Chief in the family tree), Rouensic (Native A. settlement named for the Chief), Catiche, Esperance, Jacques, Jean-Claude, Missouria (name for the tribe prior to the state), Etienne, Jacquetta, Calisto

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    I really love...


    But my sister claimed Violet; Wyatt is more conventional (and pronounceable) than Wythe; and Ives is downright unaccepted by family. Oh well.
    Damian Bosco-Raphael Anthony-Charles Dominic-Jude Vianney-Samuel Piers

    Genevieve Naiara-Lidia Christiana-Isabeau Maria-Juliet Louisiana


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    Ever, Clotilde, Eluned, Ayleth, Oona, Siofra, Antigone, Alcyone, Godelieve, Thessaly

    Mary | Elsbeth | Clotilde | Everild | Beatrix | Junia | Tabitha | Lavender | Octavia | Eve | March | Edwen

    Simeon | Lionel | Barnabus | Ezekiel | Hector | Ignatius | August | Jove | Sayer | Booker | Mariner | Cecil | Godfrey

    Mum to Ulysses, Bishop, Winifred and one yet unnamed boo.

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